Alex Katz Collaborations
Ashbery, John and Alex Katz. Fragment. Los Angeles: Black Sparrow Press, 1969.

Ashbery, John and Alex Katz. Coma Berenices. Photogravure images by Alex Katz; with text by John Ashbery. Tampa: Graphicstudio,  Institute for Research in Art, 2005.

Berkson, Bill and Alex Katz. Gloria. Poems by Bill Berkson; etchings by Alex Katz. San Francisco: Arion Press, 2005.

Berrigan, Ted et al (Kenward Elmslie, John Godfrey, Ted Greenwald, Michael Lally, Ann Lauterbach, Gerard Malanga, Alice Notley, John Perreault, Carter Ratcliff,  Rene Ricard, Peter Schjeldahl, Tony Towle, Bill Zavatsky) and Alex Katz. Face of the Poet. New York: Brooke Alexander, Inc., NY and Marlborough Graphics, 1978.

Brainard, Joe and Alex Katz. Flower Journals. Poems by Joe Brainard; drawings by by Alex Katz. New York: Karma Books, 2023.

Creeley, Robert and Alex Katz. Edges. New York: Peter Blum Edition, 1998.

Creeley, Robert. Ligeia: A Libretto. Set design sketch by Alex Katz. New York and Minneapolis: Granary Books; Hermetic Press, 1996.

Godfried, John and Alex Katz. Small Cuts6 aquatints with poems by John Godfried. Rimini, ItalyGalleria Fabjbasaglia, 2010.

Katz, Vincent and Alex Katz. A Tremor In The Morning. New York: Peter Blum Edition, 1986.

Katz, Alex and Vincent Katz. Odes (18 Drawings Portfolio). Lococo Fine Art Publisher. Bernard Chauveau, 2015

Katz, Vincent. Swimming Home. Photogravure images by Alex Katz with poem by Vincent Katz.  Tampa: Graphicstudio/University of South Florida, 2011.

Koch, Kenneth and Alex Katz. Interlocking Lives. New York: Kulchur Press, 1970.

Koch, Kenneth and Alex Katz. Primus Inter Pares. New York: Peter Blum Edition, 2002.

Matthews, Harry and Alex Katz. Selected Declarations of Dependence. Calais, Vermont: Z Press, 1977.

Matthews, Harry and Alex Katz. Selected Declarations of Dependence. Los Angeles: Sun & Moon Press, 1996. 
O’Hara, Frank.  In Memory Of My Feelings.  New York: The Museum of Modern Art, 1967.  Various Artists.  Edited by Bill Berkson.
Padgett, Ron and Alex Katz. Light As Air. New York: Pace Editions, 1989.

Ratcliff, Carter and Alex Katz. Give Me Tomorrow. New York: Vehicle Editions, 1985.

Various Authors.  The Poets Of The New York School.  Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania, 1969.  Selected and Edited by John Bernard Myers.
Book Covers by Alex Katz
Alex Katz Book Covers

Book cover for Behind The Wheel by Michael Brownstein (New York: C poetry booklet, 1967)
Book cover for The Pleasures Of Peace and Other Poems by Kenneth Koch (New York: Grove Press, 1969)
Book cover for Freely Espousing by James Schuyler (Garden City, NY: Paris Review Editions/Doubleday, 1969)
Book cover for Shining Leaves by Bill Berkson (New York: Angel Hair Books, 1969)
Book cover for Motor Disturbance by Kenward Elmslie (New York: Columbia University Press, 1971)
Book cover for City Junket by Kenward Elmslie (New York: Adventures In Poetry/Boke Press, 1972)
Book cover for Phoebe Light by Alice Notley (Bolinas, CA: Big Sky Books, 1973)
Book cover for When I Was Alive by Alice Notley (New York: Vehicle Editions, 1980)
Book cover for Locked From The Outside by Susan Timmons  (Chicago: Yellow Press, 1990)
Book cover for Chinese Whispers by John Ashbery (New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2002)
Book cover for March 18, 2003 by Michael Lally (New York: Libellum, 2004)
Book cover for March 18, 2003 by Michael Lally (Milan and New York: Charta/Libellum,  2006)
Book cover for Arrivederci, Modernismo by Carter Ratcliff (New York: Libellum, 2007)
Poetry Magazines, cover by Alex Katz
Cover for poetry journal The World, #28, New York, 1973
Cover for poetry journal Z, #6, Calais, Vermont, 1977
Cover for poetry journal Oink!, #18, Chicago, 1984
Cover for journal Paris Review, #96, New York, 1985
Cover for poetry journal New American Writing, #6, Chicago, 1990